Instinctive Notes provides quick recording of compliant clinical notes right out of the box and enhances the productivity of your practice by improving the information your assistants have available to them when dealing with patients. With better notes you will get better patient outcomes.

What can I do with Instinctive Notes?

If you need to take clinical notes you can use Instinctive Notes to:

  • Quickly record compliant notes: Full SOAP notes with wellness tracking, complaint management, test result tracking, ROM/Pain diagrams, assessment notes, treatment details, scheduling plans, product prescriptions, home recommendations and exercises.
  • Attach documents to a patient file: From your iPhone, iPad or any web browser. All the most common document types and supported and you can view them right inside the app.
  • Record medical alerts: Get prominant indicators when you have an important alert so you know how to approach every consultation effectively.
  • Record general notes: Record any non-consultation note you need on a patient's record to help you create a more personal connection with your patients.
  • Review complaint details: See all the complaints you have been treating for a patient and how they have responded to your treatments over time

If you'd like to see it in action we have a video tour.

Who uses Instinctive Notes?

  • Practitioners who need to record compliant clinical notes will use the Instinctive Notes App for iPhone or iPad to record a note for every consultation.
  • Assistants who support practitioners will use Instinctive Notes Web to see relevant details of treatment notes, understand patient schedules and see product prescribed by practitioners.

What sets Instinctive Notes Apart?

Instinctive Notes is the only clinical note taker designed from the ground up for compliance. It reduces your personal stress and your business risk right out of the box. Your note taking is fast and your Assistants will be instantly more productive.

Don't let your current note taking approach dump all the responsibility for compliance on your shoulders, check out Instinctive Notes today.

Want to know more?

Read out thoughts on best practices for compliant clinical notes.

Read how Instinctive Notes covers the AHPRA Chiropractic Board guidelines for clinical record keeping.

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