Instinctive Notes works hard in the background to keep all your data compliant.

Here's what happens to keep your practice in line with requirements.

Auto data stamping

Instinctive Notes uses all the information it has available to auto record key items of data every time you record a note.

This data is important for compliance and may assist where detail of your notes are required.

Consultation and recorded time for a note

No matter when a note is recorded it is always date stamped with the time of the appointment for that consultation.

As Instinctive Notes works by connecting to your practice management system it knows the time of all your appointments and can auto stamp this time into your notes.

Your notes are then presented by consultation time to ensure they are always in chronological order.

The time you recorded the note is also stamped on the note and is held in the background for reference.

Practitioner identification

Instinctive Notes always ensures the correct practitioner is recorded when a note is recorded.

Every practitioner has their own login, which is required by the Instinctive Notes App to access their appointment list and record notes. This login is used to automatically identify the practitioner as they record their notes. 

Location identification 

Instinctive Notes always ensures the correct location is recorded when a note is recorded.

Location information is synchronised from your practice management system and then matched as every appointment flows into Instinctive Notes.

This means that Instinctive Notes understands the location where every consultation is to be delivered and can auto-assign that location to the note when it is recorded.

Auto data recording of changes to notes

Every time a note is changed in Instinctive Notes an audit trail is created.

The audit trail records:

  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made
  • Why the change was made
  • Which fields and data were changed

This data is held in the background and is available, if required to support any compliance queries that may arise.

Securing your data 

Once your data, and that of your patients, is stored in Instinctive Notes it is our top priority to ensure it remains secure as is only available to those who are authorised to access it.

Here's how it's done:


Instinctive Notes utilises secure SSL connections at all times, for our website, for communication with the Instinctive Notes App and for communication with our partners. All data is encrypted during transfer.

All data is encrypted while stored using industry standard encryption algorithms. All data held in Instinctive Notes is unreadable unless accessed with valid user credentials.

Our file attachments are encrypted while stored using industry standard encryption algorithms. All attachments are unreadable unless accessed with valid user credentials.

Secure Facilities

The Instinctive Notes Web Service is hosted in state of the art data centre facilities. Physical access is controlled both at the perimeter and at building ingress points by professional security staff utilising video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means


Instinctive Notes is backed up daily. Restore operations are tested to ensure successful data recovery.

Data location 

We endeavour to store all data in a location matching your country of residence to more easily comply with privacy and medical data regulations.

For Australian customers your primary data is stored and processed in Sydney based data centres.

Some third party services we use may store data temporarily outside your country of residence. These are always limited to non-core operations. Third parties are carefully selected to ensure their privacy and security approach closely matches our own.

We keep your data compliant and secure

Wherever possible we do compliance work automatically and in the background so you don't need to do it.

It gives you more time to be focused on the success of your practice, which is much more interesting.

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