Codes templates are how you record your core treatments in Instinctive Notes.

You can have up to 4 codes templates set at one time. They can be any mix of the standard templates provided with Instinctive Notes and any custom codes templates you've built yourself.

The standard templates are:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • SOT
  • AK
  • Thompson
  • ABC Protocol 

See more about custom codes.

Choosing your templates

From the main screen tap the "More" tab. Then tap your "Name" at the top of the screen (see Set up your Instinctive Notes app for a walk through).

Finally tap the "Codes Template 1-4" setting in turn.

For each one simply tap a template name to select it from the list. Note that all custom templates in your account will have a star "✶" at the end of their names.

The templates will display in the order or the slots and you may place any template, standard or custom, in any slot.

Once all slots you require are set, return to the main settings screen and remember to hit "Save" at the top right.

From then on your specific code templates will always be ready when you record your core treatments.

Across the top of the adjustments screen you can see the 4 code templates that have been selected.

Other Settings

Now that codes templates are set up you can check out the other App settings.

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