Muscle buttons will appear on the muscle list to provide quick shortcuts for the techniques you use when working on muscles.

Choosing muscle buttons

From the main screen tap the "More" tab. Then tap your "Name" at the top of the screen (see Set up your Instinctive Notes app for a walk through).

Finally tap the "Muscle Ext Buttons" setting.

Up to 6 muscles extensions can be selected and they will display in the order you select them.

Once set, return to the main settings screen and remember to hit "Save" at the top right.

From then on your muscle buttons will appear in the muscle list where they can be tapped to quickly apply the technique to the muscle you have worked on.

Here you can see the 4 muscle options selected are available as shortcut buttons ready for quick selection. All the other muscle options are available with the "ⓘ" button.

Other Settings

Now that muscle buttons are set up you can check out the other App settings.

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